Photography started to be part of my life when I picked up my first SLR (a Canon AE-1) at the age of sixteen. Ever since I have been shooting pictures with passion. To me photography is not just about finding a balance between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. It's about creativity, imagination, pushing the boundaries. It's about playing with the seemingly endless possibilities of light - inside and outside the studio. It's about capturing the mood of a situation and leaving an everlasting impression. Pictures tell us a story and indeed can be worth a thousand words. I work as a freelance photographer and am a contributor to Getty Images and National Geographic ~ currently based in China and The Netherlands. I shoot both in the field and in the studio, both have their challenges. Assignments range from shooting portraits, travel, documentary, landscape, architecture and wildlife photography. When I'm not on assignment you will find me roaming the streets and alleys of exciting cities, hiking in the mountains, or lost in the desert… and the camera is always with me to capture this fascinating world!