Chi Hong Solo Exhibition "Ani'motion" opens in Beijing

11 March 2019 - Chi Hong solo exhibition “Ani’motion” opened its doors to the public.

The opening ceremony took place at 2pm and many guests attended this event. Among the distinguished guests were consul general Fang Hui, renowned contemporary artist Liu Yaming, Xu Xiangyang and photographer Xing Senlin. Celebrated musicians Chang Jing, Aiys Songzhao, Zhangdi and Song Song were also among the guests.


Director Feng of Beijing Zoo delivered the opening speech, followed by producer and founder of Do Architecture & Art Cheng Dapeng and artist Liu Yaming. Photographer Chi Hong gave an introduction to his work and concluded the first day with a short tour in the exhibition hall of Beijing Zoo’s Lion Tiger Hill.


Ani’motion is short for animal emotion but the exhibition is not just about animals – it is also about us humans and the resemblances between human emotions and animals emotions.

By looking at the photographer’s work it seems like each animal wants to tell us something… Each their own story, their own emotion. The photographer’s intention is not only to showcase his work but also to strenghten the bond between humans and animals by showing us how “human” animals are.



The exhibition Ani’motion will run from March 11th through April 4th at the Lion Tiger Hill Exhibition Hall inside the Beijing Zoo compound. Open from 09:00-17:00.