Project Sagrada Familia: new angles

Antoni Gaudi's Basilica de la Sagrada Familia - although still not completed - is already an impressive architectural achievement. This iconic monument in the heart of Barcelona has been photographed by millions of visitors from all kinds of angles. So, I wondered: are there still unique angles or compositions left? It has always been my belief there are new angles and compositions "out there". I took to the internet and googled hundreds of photos of Gaudi's famous basilica to 1) familiarize myself with these known angles and compositions (many of these were shot in symmetrical composition) and 2) to refrain myself from shooting from the same angle or use the same composition. So, in a way Google was my guide to how NOT to shoot the Sagrada.

Gaudi is known for his organic and free-flowing architectural style. The trees outside the basilica were perfect "organic elements" to fill a large part of the image frame and the main tree functions as a "leading line" to draw the viewer's attention to Gaudi's construction. But wait… the tree itself, its size and silhouette shape, looks quite interesting too. It is as if the tree and Gaudi are competing for attention.

It was so crowded at this spot (where visitors looked at a model of the Sagrada Familia in a glass box) that I had to shoot this very quickly with my smartphone. Good thing it had a 16mm wide angle lens. The people and the reflections on the glass box gave this photo an interesting "dimension".

Breaking the rules of symmetry

Staircases that look like the spiral of a nautilus shell, tight buds of flowers in roof ornamentation, and spider webs, stalactites, honeycombs, starfish, mushrooms, beetle wings… so organic, unique and surreal… so Gaudi!

Did you see the intestines on the ceiling?

Love the design of these stained-glass windows

The late afternoon sunlight gave this statue of Saint George (the patron saint of Catalonia) a warm appearance, the angle of the incoming light gave this statue a stronger three-dimensional look.

Okay, I did shoot a symmetrical photo… just to show that the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia looks great from any angle!